Application Process

Members apply to DHOAS for a subsidy certificate. It is proof of your eligibility under the scheme.

Your Application for Subsidy Certificate will be processed by DHOAS within five business days of receipt of your application as long as the form is completed with all required information, and you have provided all necessary service records.

If eligible, DVA will send to you the following:

  • Your subsidy certificate (please note it will not be sent directly to your Home Loan Provider) 
  • A letter informing you of the subsidy tier to which you are entitled
  • A fact sheet detailing the conditions of the Scheme

If you are not eligible, you will receive:

  • A letter explaining the reasons for the decision

When you receive your subsidy certificate you take it to one of the three Defence-nominated DHOAS Home Loan Providers, either the Australian Defence Credit Union, Defence Bank or NAB, to apply for your home loan.

When your home loan is drawn down, your Home Loan Provider will advise DVA of the loan balance so that your subsidy entitlement can be calculated.

At this time, you will also need to send to DVA a completed Subsidy Authorisation Request Form (link), indicating you are meeting the conditions of the Scheme. DVA will commence paying your monthly payments into your DHOAS home loan.