Australian Government - Department of Defence - Department of Veteran's Affairs

Subsidy tiers for 2012-13


Subsidy tier

Minimum Permanent

Minimum Reserve

loan limit

monthly subsidy

1 4 years 8 years $193,376 Up to $126
2 8 years 12 years $290,064 Up to $190
3 12 years 16 years $386,752 Up to $253


The subsidised loan limits for 2012-13 are used to calculate your DHOAS subsidy if your first payment period commenced within 2012-13.

They do not apply to subsidies first paid in July 2012 that cover the payment periods of May or June 2011. In this case, your subsidy is calculated on 2011-12 Subsidised Loan Limits.

Monthly subsidy values shown here are valid as at January 2021. These monthly subsidy values fluctuate based on changes in the median interest rate.