Australian Government - Department of Defence - Department of Veteran's Affairs

Subsidy tiers for 2019-20

Subsidy tier

Minimum Permanent service

Minimum Reserve service

Subsidised loan limit

Maximum monthly subsidy


4 years

8 years


Up to $188


8 years

12 years


Up to $282


12 years

16 years


Up to $376

The subsidised loan limits for 2019-20 are used to calculate your DHOAS subsidy if your first payment period commenced within 2019-20.

They do not apply to subsidies first paid in July 2019 that cover the payment periods of May or June 2019. In this case, your subsidy is calculated on the 2018-19 subsidised loan limits.

*Estimated monthly subsidy values based on the January 2021 median interest rate. These monthly subsidy values fluctuate based on changes in the median interest rate.