Australian Government - Department of Defence - Department of Veteran's Affairs

Changes to be reported


Using the Change of Circumstances form, please advise DVA of any of the following changes:


Service status  

  • Separating
  • Medical separation
  • Moving to or from the Reserves
  • Completing effective Reserve service 
  • Inability to complete effective Reserve service 


DHOAS home loan

  • A change in your existing DHOAS home loan, but the loan itself is not amended. For example, you transfer your DHOAS home loan between bank branches (that is, same loan, different details), or you repay your loan but it remains open (that is, it has a zero or a credit balance).
  • You change your name, and your new name appears on the mortgage.
  • A partner or other person is included or removed as a party to the loan.
  • Where only one loan out of a split loan arrangement is closed, and both loans were open at the time subsidy commenced.
  • Where an existing loan remains open and a new loan is opened to create a new split loan arrangement. Note that if the original loan is closed at a later date, your subsidy will cease.
  • Construction loan is completed on a property over which there is a DHOAS home loan, or a construction loan is discharged. Please see Construction Loans for special conditions that apply.


Subsidised property

  • You and/or your partner or dependents stop occupying the property within 12 months of first receiving the DHOAS subsidy. 
  • A significant change to the DHOAS-subsidised property, including the destruction of the house or a renovation.
  • If the property starts to be used for the purpose of carrying on a business, trade or profession.
  • A change in the nature or extent of the interest held in the property by you or your partner.


Personal circumstances

  • A separation of partners (if both partners are parties to the loan and/or property, or listed as contacts for DHOAS purposes). Please provide information including the date that you separated from your partner, who will be living in the property, and if you will be refinancing your loan.
  • The death of the subsidised partner.
  • You change your name (for example, following a marriage).