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Service records

You are required to submit service records with your Application for Subsidy Certificate. This enables DVA to accurately determine both your eligibility for the subsidy certificate, and your entitlement to the loan subsidy.

It particularly assists with the timely assessment of applications from former and current members of the Reserve forces, and members with any warlike service.

Important: For an accurate assessment of your service credit, it is vital your PMKeyS records are up-to-date and include both Permanent and Reserve service, if appropriate, as well as any warlike service. Any queries must be resolved by your chain-of-command. If ALL service is not detailed, your subsidy level and period of subsidy can be reduced.


Records of Permanent members

Permanent members of the ADF are required to submit relevant ADO Service Record (long version), including:

  • Warlike service 
  • Periods of non-effective service (including leave without pay) 
  • Enlistment and discharge dates 

This report is available from your Unit Administrative Staff, your local Customer Service Centre or by contacting the Defence Service Centre on 1800DEFENCE (1800 333 362) or

Records of Reserve members

Current and former members of the Reserves are required to submit the following documentation:

  • ADO Service Record (long version) from PMKeyS, including warlike service, enlistment and discharge dates. This report is available from the Defence Service Centre, who can be contacted on 1800DEFENCE (1800 333 362) or
  • ADF Reserve Record of Service Report (Statement of Reserve Service).

The report is available on the ADF Reserve Record of Service website. Click on the Record of Reserve Service link located on the website to retrieve the report.

It should be noted that the transition to Global Payroll may mean that Reserve Record of Service Statements may not be completely up-to-date. Defence advises that Reservists can use Global Payroll payslips to verify Reserve service if the Reserve Statement does not reflect all paid Reserve service rendered.

RPAC Records

Reserve members are advised to call 1800DEFENCE (1800 333 362) in order to obtain a Record of Reserve service request form to complete and submit to RPAC.

The ADF Record of Service website provides information and advice on sourcing Reserve Record of Service data prior to financial year 1981-82. 


Records of separating/separated members


Separating members are advised to obtain supporting documentation, including ADO service record (long version) and Reserve service records, prior to separating from the ADF.

Separated members

Separated members, and Reserve members who are not actively serving, can contact the Defence call centre on 1800 333 362 for advice and assistance in sourcing service records.


Enquiries or disagreements about Records

Any enquiries or disagreements relating to service records, including warlike service and effective Reserve service, should be raised through a member's Customer Service Centre or Unit administrative staff.

Members who do not have access to PMKeyS Self Service (PSS) should also enquire through their nearest Customer Service Centre.