Australian Government - Department of Defence - Department of Veteran's Affairs


DHOAS provides eligible current and former serving members of the Permanent Force and the Reserves with a subsidy on the interest of their home loans.

The subsidy is paid monthly, directly into a DHOAS home loan. The amount of subsidy you receive depends on your subsidy tier level and the balance of your home loan up to your subsidised loan limit. For an overview of how the Scheme works, see Steps to DHOAS benefits.   

There are three subsidy tier levels. The longer you have served, the higher your tier level and subsidised loan limit. This means a greater portion of your home loan will attract a subsidy so you will receive a higher monthly subsidy payment.

You receive the subsidy payments for as long as you have a service credit and DHOAS home loan, and you are meeting the Scheme conditions.

Before you are eligible for DHOAS, you need to complete a qualifying period of service and accrue a service credit. You then apply to DVA for a subsidy certificate and you use it to take out a DHOAS home loan with one of three, Defence-nominated Home Loan Providers. (Please note that as a Reservist you need to have accrued one year of service credit before you can access a Subsidy Certificate and start receiving subsidy payments.)

Defence appointed the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) to be the DHOAS Scheme Administrator. DVA can assist you with information about your eligibility and entitlement, your DHOAS application and monthly subsidy payments.

Defence also appointed three Home Loan Providers to offer members a choice of DHOAS home loan products. They are the Australian Military Bank, Defence Bank and NAB. If you’re interested in accessing DHOAS, you are advised to carefully review this website for general information about eligibility and entitlements, how subsidy payments are calculated and the conditions of the Scheme.

To confirm your actual eligibility and entitlement to DHOAS you need to submit to DVA an Application for Subsidy Certificate. If eligible, you will be sent a subsidy certificate along with important information about DHOAS, which you are advised to read in detail.