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Step 1: Learn about DHOAS

Steps to DHOAS benefits

Legislative framework

DHOAS presentation and fact sheet

Fringe Benefits Tax

Our quality service

Previous schemes Defence HomeOwner Scheme (DHOS) and Defence Service Homes (DSH)

Defence Service Homes Insurance (DSHI) benefit

Step 2: Qualify and accrue service credit

Steps to DHOAS eligibility

Qualifying period

Service credit

Service milestones and subsidy tier levels

Separation, medical, death and surviving partners

Breaks in service/rejoining ADF

Important information - Reserve service

Exemption from effective service

Step 3: Apply for certificate

Completing the form

Service records

Subsidy certificates

Reapplying and reassessments

Step 4: Take out DHOAS home loan

Home Loan Providers

Construction loans

Multiparty loans, eligible partners

Conditions of DHOAS home loan

Meeting your mortgage obligations

Switching from DHOS/DSH to DHOAS

Home buyers help

Step 5: Meet conditions

Complete Subsidy Authorisation Request Form (SARF)

Conditions of receiving subsidy

Obligation to meet conditions

Policing conditions

Step 6: Calculating subsidy

Steps to calculating subsidy

Your eligible subsidy tier

Subsidised loan limits

DHOAS home loan balance and subsidy

Formula for calculating subsidy

Payments on construction loans

Payments on multiparty/eligible partner loans

Lump sum

Changes to tier level and subsidy payments

Defence Home Owner Scheme (DHOS) $80,000 limit

Tables of interest rates and subsidy values

Step 7: Start payments

Avoid paying back subsidy

Loan closure and final subsidy payment

End of service credit and subsidy payments

Restarting payments

Step 8: Advise of changes

Changes to be reported

Subsidy ceasing events