Australian Government - Department of Defence - Department of Veteran's Affairs

Advise DVA of changes

You need to advise DVA of any changes to your service status, DHOAS home loan, subsidised property, contact details or personal circumstances.

It is especially important that you advise of changes that affect the way your DHOAS service credit or subsidy are calculated. This will ensure you either receive the additional subsidy to which you are entitled, or you do not receive an overpayment of subsidy.

If you are paid excess subsidy you are required to repay it in full, with interest after 14 days. For this reason, it is vital that you advise DHOAS of changes as quickly as possible, to avoid going into overpayment for an extended period of time. This could result in you having to repay substantial sums of money.


Reserves and reporting ineffective service

If you are a Reservist, please ensure you understand effective service requirements and the potential impacts on your subsidy if you are inadvertently deemed separated for ineffective service.

If you anticipate that you will not complete effective service within the financial year, it is recommended that you advise DHOAS, using a Change of Circumstances form.

DHOAS can adjust your subsidy payments if necessary. This will include reducing your subsidy tier level to tier 1 if you did not complete 20 or more years of service at the time you were deemed separated. This way you will avoid receiving, and having to repay, an overpayment.


Minimise inconvenience and keep DVA informed of changes

Please ensure that you always notify DHOAS of any change of address. It is important that you can be contacted about your subsidy, especially if it is about an overpayment and any interest accumulating on it.

Other changes may not impact on your subsidy, such as a change to your loan account number if you switch to a fixed interest rate. However, to minimise any potential inconvenience you are still requested to advise DVA.

Some changes will result in your current subsidy arrangements ending, for example, if you close your home loan or increase the balance. These are detailed under Subsidy ceasing events.