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Subsidised loan limits

The subsidised loan limit in your eligible tier level is the maximum portion of your DHOAS home loan that will attract a DHOAS subsidy. 

The Average House Price is used to determine the subsidised loan limits under the three tiers.

Each tier’s subsidised loan limit represents a percentage of the Average House Price, as shown here:

  • For Tier 1, the subsidised loan limit is 40% of the Average House Price 
  • For Tier 2, it is 60% of the Average House Price
  • For Tier 3, it is 80% of the Average House Price

As at 1 July 2024, the AHP is $992,412. This figure is used to determine the 2024-25 subsidy tier values.

The following shows the AHP figures used to determine the subsidy tier values of previous financial years:

1 July 2023 was $912,289 - 2023-24

1 July 2022 was $1,005,397 - 2022-23

1 July 2021 was $777,343 - 2021-22

1 July 2020 was $750,608 - 2020-21

1 July 2019 was $718,071 - 2019-20

1 July 2018 was $741,603 - 2018-19

1 July 2017 was $700,317 - 2017-18

1 July 2016 was $661,729 - 2016-17

1 July 2015 was $609,518 - 2015-16

1 July 2014 was $579,486 - 2014-15

1 July 2013 was $520,271 - 2013-14

1 July 2012 was $483,440 - 2012-13

1 July 2011 was $508,098 - 2011-12

1 July 2010 was $494,432 - 2010-11

1 July 2009 was $429,073 - 2009-10

1 July 2008 was $467,897 - 2008-09


Annual review of subsidised loan limits

DHOAS is designed to keep pace with contemporary housing costs so the subsidised loan limits are reviewed each financial year, based on any changes to the Average House Price.

The Average House Price is determined by the Minister for Defence as at 1 July of each year and remains in force to 30 June of the following year.

Calculation of the AHP is based on information obtained from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

A change in the AHP results in a change to the subsidised loan limits.


Subsidised limits applied to your home loan

The subsidised loan limits, which are current in the month that your first subsidy payment covers, remain applicable throughout the life of that home loan for the purpose of calculating your subsidy payments.

Whereas the subsidised loan limits are reviewed annually, changes to the limits do not affect your subsidy assistance if your DHOAS home loan is already established and you are in receipt of subsidy payments.

The reason for this is that while the value of the house that you are buying may increase or decrease, the principal value of your loan will not.

This applies unless you stop then restart your DHOAS subsidy related to that home loan. In this case, the subsidised loan limits and home loan balance that are current at the time you restart your subsidy payments will apply to your subsidy, not your original drawdown loan amount nor previous years' loan limits.

This may result in receiving a different subsidy amount than you did prior to the halt in DHOAS.

Please see the Interest Rates, Subsidy Tiers and Values tables for each financial year since the Scheme begin on 1 July 2008, showing the subsidised loan limits that are applicable for subsidy payments which commenced in that financial year.