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Take out a DHOAS home loan

To access monthly DHOAS subsidy payments, you need to take out a DHOAS home loan with one of the three Defence-nominated Home Loan Providers. Your subsidy will be paid directly into your home loan.

The amount you may borrow will be up to you and your Home Loan Provider, depending on your own personal circumstances and your Home Loan Provider's lending criteria. 

This enables you to borrow an amount suited to your home buying needs, while receiving a DHOAS subsidy on an eligible portion of the loan.

We recommend you read the Qualify and Accrue Service Credit section to identify the subsidy tier under which you are entitled to receive assistance.

The subsidised loan limit in your eligible subsidy tier will determine the portion of your home loan that can attract a subsidy.

You can contact the three Home Loan Providers for further details about the features of their loans.

Please note that DVA and Defence encourage you to seek professional advice, and to 'shop around', before committing to a home purchase or loan to ensure it suits your particular circumstances. 


Approval for home loans

You need to apply to one of the nominated DHOAS Home Loan Providers for a home loan, using a valid DHOAS subsidy certificate. 

The provider will assess your home loan application, based on their lending criteria, and will determine if you can borrow the amount you are seeking.

Please note that eligibility for DHOAS does not mean approval for your home loan application.

Your Home Loan Provider is not obliged to approve your home loan application or to give you a loan of a certain amount, regardless of your DHOAS eligibility or subsidy tier level.


Refinancing and transfer fees

Members who are refinancing an existing home loan with one of the DHOAS Home Loan Providers should note there may be costs associated with the transfer.

It is the responsibility of members to meet any transfer costs. You are advised to investigate all costs associated with refinancing your mortgage.