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DHOAS presentation and fact sheets

On-base presentations

DHOAS representatives are available to present information sessions to interested personnel.  These sessions can be general information or targeted towards specialised scenarios, such as medically separating members or Reservists. 

A minimum number of attendees is required and sessions can be held both during and outside business hours to allow for partners to attend.  Following the presentation, the DHOAS representatives will be available to answer both general and personalised questions from all attendees.

If you would like to request an information session or require further information, please contact DHOAS at:


Phone: 1300 4 DHOAS (1300 4 34627)  

Overseas callers: +61 7 3815 9450


DHOAS fact sheet

DHOAS fact sheets are available to ADF units for use at information sessions as an overview of the Scheme. If you are giving a presentation about DHOAS, you may wish to hand out the DHOAS Fact Sheet and Your Obligations When Accessing DHOAS to members for their reference.

The information is comprehensive and reflects the main details in this website, although it does not include every possible variable (such as breaks in service, eligible partners, lateral recruits and medical discharge).

Members should still be encouraged to refer to the website for full details, and to contact DHOAS to discuss their individual circumstances.

Please note: The fact sheet includes subsidy amounts, which are subject to change each month based on fluctuations in the median interest rate.

You should print out a current version of the fact sheet each time you hold an information session, to ensure it includes up-to-date details.


Other fact sheets

Fact sheet for subsidy certificates.

Fact sheet for subsidy payments.

Fact sheet for lump sum payments.

Fact sheet for land and construction loans.

Fact sheet for separating members.

Fact sheet for reserve service

Fact sheet for surviving partners of eligible members who have died.  

Fact sheet for applying for an exemption from effective service.

Fact sheet for DHOAS 2022 Legislation Changes.

Home Loan Providers visits to bases

As part of their presentation to members, ADF bases can invite a local representative from each of the three Home Loan Providers to speak with members about DHOAS home loan products.

The Home Loan Providers are: the Australian Military Bank, Defence Bank Limited and National Australia Bank.

It is a requirement that each Home Loan Provider be invited if you wish them to participate. However, it is not a requirement that all three of the providers are represented at the event.