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Switching from DHOS/DSH to DHOAS

If you currently receive benefits under the Defence Home Owner Scheme (DHOS) or Defence Service Homes (DSH), you may also be eligible for assistance under DHOAS. To be eligible, you need to have completed a minimum qualifying period of effective service and accrued a service credit. 

To access DHOAS, you need to close your DHOS or DSH subsidised loan, and take out a DHOAS home loan, paying any transfer costs associated with refinancing.

Please note that only one subsidy scheme can be accessed at a time.  You cannot receive a DHOAS subsidy on one of your properties while also receiving DHOS or DSH on another property.

If you start to receive DHOAS payments on a property, your benefits from either DSH or DHOS on any other property will be cancelled, and any overpayments will have to be repaid.

Under DHOAS, you are entitled to receive assistance up to the subsidised loan limit in your eligible subsidy tier

There are conditions that apply to receiving the DHOAS subsidy, including the requirement that you must live in your home for 12 months from the time you start receiving the subsidy payments.

Even if you have already lived in your home for a year you are still required to meet the DHOAS 12 month occupancy requirement.