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Exemption from effective service

Members who do not complete effective service for the purposes of DHOAS may apply to the relevant Delegate of their branch of service for an exemption based on exceptional circumstances. These decisions are made under Section 17 of the Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme Regulations 2018.

Members must submit their applications through their units for prior endorsement by their Commanding Officer before the unit submits the application to the relevant Delegate. The Delegate for each service is detailed below:

•             Army: Director General Army People Capability (DGAPC)
•             Air Force: Director General Personnel – Air Force (DGPERS-AF)
•             Navy: Director General Navy People (DGNP)

In general, 'exceptional' circumstances would not include, for example, civilian employment obligations or insufficient paid Reserve days being offered within the financial year.

Members are advised to discuss a request for an exemption with their chain-of-command before submitting a request.

For further information, please refer to the Exemption From Effective Service fact sheet.

Note: If you were unable to complete effective service due to COVID-19 or another infectious disease, you may be eligible for the Reserve Service Payment. This can count as effective service for DHOAS purposes and you may not need to apply for an exemption under Section 17. For further information, please refer to the Defence pay and conditions page.